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In 1939 consul Walter Edström comissioned Tore Holm to build SVANEVIT (shipyard in Gamleby, sail No. S 12). Edström, sailed the SVANEVIT for many years at the south coast of Sweden in the region around Göteborg. During those days the boat was intensively used by the family.

the SVANEVIT also participated successfully in numerous regattas between 1939 and the early 50’s. Already in the year of it’s finishing the SVANEVIT participated in a race in Sandhamn against the SIRA of crown prince Olaf of Norway. During the World War all sailing activities came to a rest.

But already at the end of the 40’s SVANEVIT was an active part of the european sailing community. Until 1952 SVANEVIT had variable successes in the int´l Kattegat Trophy – the later SIRA Cup. During those years the SIRA of crown prince Olaf was the strongest and most honorable competitor of SVANEVIT.


8 GER 13

„ ...For coastal cruising in an 8 Metre would give owners the most sought after things in this life, health and happiness, for without doubt sailing at sea brings peace to the mind, and the salt laden air health to the body, which are both needed by all in these mechanical age of irritating noise and poi-sonous fumes.

The 8 Metres are very popular, for in the cabin an
owner can live, or simply change his wet clothes after a hard race and eat his lunch in comfort accor-ding to this idea of pleasure”

„The 8 Metre Class is the smallest class built to the IYRU rules, with cabin accommo-dation, and the accommo-dation and construction plan show that a young o
wner can live very comfortably aboard throughout the summer month and sail very vessel round the coast from regatta to regatta just as owners in larger classes do.

(Uffa Fox. 1934)